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    See events as they happen with high quality video, sound and telemetry from any location

  • VL-Solution

    Flexible, innovative and breakthrough technology for sharing real-time video streams over cellular networks

  • Our Technology

    Fully mobile solutions for video stations on the go to be installed in vehicles, poles or buildings

  • Market Segment

    Those who need to see & act now: emergency services, special events in remote areas, public safety and transportation

Leader in mobile live video surveillance, VideoLAtitude offers turn-key solutions for public and private security. Our fully integrated systems are the brainchild of a highly qualified team of software developer’s and engineers.



We offer our customers high-end remote control cameras, sturdy and autonomous video encoders, dispatcher service and a unique encrypted software suite. We can equip either moving vehicles or fixed poles for instant and enhanced video surveillance of a remote area. We even provide quick deployment solutions for live video streaming on the go.

Whatever your aim is, we have the solution!

  • News

    VideoLÅtitude’s VL-7845IP Sets Gold Standard for Vehicular Video Transmission

    VideoLÅtitude’s VL-7845IP Sets Gold Standard for Vehicular Video Transmission

    November 22nd, 2016

    MONTREAL, November 28th 2016 – VideoLÅtitude introduced its VL-7845IP on Monday with the intent of redefining the in-vehicle, Live cellular video-transmission landscape. “The VL-7845IP will undoubtedly serve a wide variety of industries going forward, specifically in regard to in-vehicle applications of live, mobile, wireless video transmission over cellular networks,” said VideoLÅtitude President and CEO Jan Rowinski. In addition to boasting such features as a Quad Core Intel processor, support for up to 4 IP Camera, a built in Sierra Wireless LTE modem, and watchdog protection for perpetually smooth operation, the VL-7845IP was specially designed not only to meet military specifications, but for vehicular use as well. Meanwhile, a secured, programmable power supply allows for the system’s automatic shutdown, either with a time delay with the ignition turned off, or if the car battery’s voltage drops below a certain level for an extended period of time. An embedded GPS receiver accurately relays the unit’s location and keeps its internal clock synchronized as well. Furthermore, Pan-Tilt-Zoom-camera compatibility similarly addresses long-standing safety issues of first responders and police officers alike. “It’s meant to act as an extra set of eyes and ears on the road, and those are never too valuable, whether it be for law-enforcement or surveillance purposes or in the public-transportation sector,“ said Rowinski. “The need is great when it comes to reliable and efficient live-video transmission, doubly so when on the road. The VL-7845IP is part and parcel the solution to those needs.” VideoLatitude allows mobile units such as the VL-7845IP to transmit video, audio, and telemetry data over cellular networks in real time. Elsewhere, at a command center, VideoLÅtitude Client software users can then remotely view and control the feeds of numerous in-vehicle units such as the VL-7845IP all at once. With VideoLÅtitude’s trademark minimal latency, the possibilities, in regard to sending backup to a potential crime scene for instance, are endless. “Law-enforcement, surveillance, investigation…We foresee the VL-7845IP being at the forefront of any revolutionary changes within these fields,” said Rowinski. “In fact, perhaps prompting those changes for the better.” About VideoLÅtitude: A leading low-band, high-quality video-streaming solution, VideoLÅtitude’s live platform is optimized for cellular or satellite networks and specially designed to meet clients’ needs as they happen. However, it’s seamless versatility, be it as a viable solution in law enforcement or oil and gas, is what’s truly key. The invaluable ability to securely transmit real-time video, audio, and GPS data with minimal latency is quickly making VideoLatitude the cost-effective, logical first choice for live video, no matter the industry.[...]

    Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017

    Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017

    November 1st, 2016

    -The GSMA today announced the first details of the 2017 GSMA, including confirmed exhibitors and sponsors, as well as a range of programmes and activities taking place at the annual mobile industry event. Under the theme of “The Human Element”, Mobile World Congress Shanghai will be held from Wednesday, 28 June through Saturday, 1 July 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).[...]